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Indepth Exploration was founded on solid principles and the application of the latest state-of-the-art drilling and product technologies. Our vertical and horizontal drilling programs are primarily in the U. S., with overseas offices in Montevideo, Uruguay. We offer working interest through direct-participation partnerships that are registered with the Securities Exchange Commission and offer potential monthly cash flow and excellent intangible and tangible tax deductions.


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Reasons to Invest in Drilling Programs?

  • Intangible, Tangible and Percentage Depletion Allowance Tax Savings
  • Investors have direct ownership in the wellbore
  • Potential High Yield and Short Term return to Principal
  • Potential monthly cash flow for many years
  • Diversification can help protect against risk particularly as our financial markets become more globalized and are affected by international political and economic climates.
  • Hedge against inflation and against the rising costs of oil and gas

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Visit our Investor Info page for more information on oil and gas investments and how they could diversify your portfolio.

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Oil and Gas Video Library

Are you interested in investing in one of our Oil and Gas Drilling Programs?
Learn more about  Vertical and Horizontal Drilling,  Geology, Leasehold, Fracking ,
and  the application of 4D/3D/2D Seismic in our Video Library

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Horizontal Drilling In Utica Shale START TO FINISH

 well site development

For more information on our current Utica Shale Drilling Program in Pennsylvania, visit our Current Project Page